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    About us

    Our Company

    With a history dating back to the start of this century On the Nose has been creating novel, exciting, challenging and just plain fun reading glasses for all of this century. Initially the only kid on the block to make colourful and fun reading glasses, On the Nose is still known for the quality of it's production and the uniqueness and daring of it's designs.


    Who We Are

    We are a family business operating in the northern beaches of Sydney from our Balgowlah warehouse and office. The Boydell family owns the business and is responsible for all the day to day operations and a number of dedicated staff.


    What We Do

    Not only a wholesale/retail operation, traveling around the whole of the country looking after glasses displays for our customers and keeping them full, our head office team are constantly designing new ranges of reading glasses, sunglasses, cases, chains and accessories. Literally before one range is delivered, the next one is on the design board. It is a dedication to keeping designs fresh and contemporary that drives this process..


    Where We Do It

    All from our warehouse in Balgowlah on Sydney's northern beaches. From here we ship all around Australia, to New Zealand, Chile and places in between.

    However, most of our staff are out and about around the countryside visiting stores, merchandising stands and making sure that displays are optimised for both customer and store alike.


    Our Product

    On the Nose offers a comprehensive range of functional and stylish optical products. The funkiest range of ready readers (standard magnification reading glasses) from On the Nose; bright and colourful cases to keep them safe and chains to keep them handy at all times.

    Sunglasses are a must in Australian and New Zealand conditions. Our range of contemporary and classic styles all offer complete protection from harmful UV rays. Or step up the glare reduction with a pair of polarised lenses. All are affordable enough to get 2 or 3 pairs and change them with your mood or look.

    Sunreaders are a must for anybody who needs reading glasses to read and spends any time outdoors. If you need readers to read indoors, you will find Sunreaders a revelation. No more switching between readers and sunglasses while outside.